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A ship is safe in harbour but that’s not what ships are for.

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about us.

We BELIEVE in a community based on the foundation of help, support and raising  awareness, for people facing depression and anxiety disorders, built around your local music scene.

We are driven by a sencire desire to inform as many people as possible about modern day illnesses (depression and/or anxiety disorders) .

People usually don’t seek help when the first signs of anxiety and/or depression occur in their lives. This could be explained with ones’ feelings of shame, deep sadness, panic attacks, loneliness etc. Unfortunately postponing to seek help can lead to further complications and deepens ones mental issues even more.

Thankfully, you CAN help yourself. Awareness of your problems is the first step on the road to recovery. Through new gained insights despair and worries transform into knowledge. From knowledge come courage and hope. You are not alone and it is not too late!

This community’s goal is to restore people’s former self. We provide individual conversations at events, gatherings and online.We also provide a list of handpicked PSYCHOTHERAPISTS who will gladly assist you.

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Our focus.

We understand your daily struggles.

Through music we heal

By participating in and organizing music and educational events ...

Useful information

By providing useful literature and information on mindfulness, medical supplements, diets, lifestyle changes ...

Volunteer your time

Help us by combating the common cold of our modern time. With your help we can make a difference!


Your story, your life!



“Safe Harbour gave me a new perspective on my current situation that i was totally unaware off. Feels like a new opportunity…”

Jake, 32




“Some days were without any hope. I was just staring at the wall. Totally numb… through you guys i realized i’m not crazy. It gave me real hope for the future…”

Staša, 25



“When my diagnose was clear i was devastated. For awhile i didn’t know what to do. But then i remembered the book you guys recommend… it really made a difference!”

Marko, 19




“After i missed two seasons due to my busted knee, i was devastated. Depression creeped in my life without me even knowing… Knowledge is power; now i really get the fraze… last week i started to train again…”

Lisa, 21


psychotherapy and counselling

Hand-picked health professionals here to help you !!!
Nives Voloder Hari

Mag.soc.ped. Certified International Integrative Psychotherapist
- Nives Voloder Hari S.P. psychotherapy and counselling -
Email :
Tel. Numb : +386 30 326 215

Amina Mehanovič

Family counseling - therapeutic center
Web :
Email :
Tel. Numb : +386 40 244 980

Tina Kastelic

Spec. of integrative psychotherapy
-, psychotherapy and counselling, Tina Kastelic s.p -
Tel. Numb : +386 31 894 491


Mental health

Symptoms :

ANXIETY can be described as unpleasant sensations in the abdomen, waves of panic, deep fear… The person finds himself in a flight or fight response situation. 

Anxiety symptoms are: 

  • – An accelerated heartbeat
  • – Chest pain
  • – Nausea
  • – Shortness of breath,
  • – Sweating,
  • – Trembling
  • – Fatigue
  • – Muscle weakness
  • – Tension
  • – Depersonalization
  • – Numbness



DEPRESSION is a reflection of emotional exhaustion, resulting from prolonged constant worrying, which is often reflected in the apathy of the depressed person.

 Depresion symptoms are:

  • – Feelings of worthlessness
  • – Loss of energy
  • – Feeling helpless
  • – Reduced interest
  • – General dissatisfaction
  • – Sleep disorders
  • – Strong feelings of guilt
  • – Self criticism
  • – Weight gain or loss
  • – Mood swings
  • – Thoughts of death and suicide



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